Event through international coworking



an interactive meeting between users and communities of co-working spaces on new ways of working and created startups and new business from local to international

and international to local


Express your ideas, your point of view, present yourself, express your needs or wait if you have any.

Ask for "rendez-vous" programme  in your favorite coworking space


We make a video that presents you as well as those who answered your expectations or your questions

rendez-vous TEAM


Find these videos these exchanges in your coworking spaces or online on simple registration to the program "rendez-vous"


Countries in list to participation in the program

France, Sri Lanka, India, Senegal, Turkie, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam...


What matters most to you ?

Work / Happy life

  • Parking,

  • Connexion internet,

  • Accueil physique,

  • Accueil téléphonique,

  • Photocopieuse WIFI,

  • imprimante WIFI,

  • scanner WIFI

Co-working / Co_living

  • Bureaux coworking,

  • Bureaux télétravail,

  • Espace modulable 1 à 8 postes de travail en open office,

  • Grande salle de réunions,

  • Bureau personnel.

Startup / Business

  • Thé, Café...

  • espace rencontre :

    • Entreprise​s

    • Porteurs de projets

  • Table ronde dynamique,

  • Living Lab,

  • Incubateur,

  • Formations...


Introduce yourself:

  • Your name,

  • Your Country and city,

  • Your favorite co-working,

  • You are studiant or ...,

  • Your startup or future...

your point of view:

  • your study,

  • teleworking,

questions answers:

  • answer a question,

  • ask a question,

  • other ...


the videos are made by the co-working spaces animator but you can

send us your own production, here is the format to follow:


  • to connect users to coworking spaces,

  • to help coworking spaces organize events with international connections,




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